Jul 02 2012
Brodie Very Happy Over Redistricting Outcome
Monday, 02 July 2012

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            Late last week, when the federal Department of Justice announced it was satisfied that new election districts were fair and equitable to Native voters in the state, it made the Alaska Redistricting Board, including Kodiak's Bob Brodie, very happy.



-- (Redistrict 1            20 sec              "I think it was justification that ... so we're very happy.")


            Though the OK from the DOJ made one lawsuit moot, there is nothing stopping other disgruntled individuals or communities from continuing to challenge the maps:


-- (Redistrict 2            27 sec              "So now, as I understand it ... what they're thinking in that regard.")


            The State Supreme Court has ruled quickly in the past in an effort to meet election deadlines, what it might do next is a mystery:


-- (Redistrict 3            24 sec              "Boy, your guess is as good as ... get a plan relatively quickly now.")


            Brodie traveled to all corners of the state with the other members of the Redistricting Board, hearing arguments for and against various proposed legislative boundaries. And though this round of redistricting is getting protracted, it's not the worst-case scenario:


-- (Redistrict 4            41 sec              "It seems to me that at one time ... can't meet everybody's needs.")


            Barring any unanticipated turn of events, the boundaries for this year's primary election on August 28th and General Election on November 6th should be set. For now.