Jun 27 2012
ASMI Awards First FAO-Based Certification
Wednesday, 27 June 2012

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            The first company to be given ASMI's new sustainability seal of approval is Triad Fisheries of Bothell, Washington. The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute awarded the "Alaska Seafood Responsible Fisheries Certification" earlier this month.


            Mark Tupper is the president of Triad.


-- (Triad 1                   28 sec              "I'm really excited by ... support ASMI and support Alaska.")


            The certification was done by Global Trust to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization sustainability standard:


-- (Triad 2                   25 sec              "Global Trust has been the ... or anything like that.")


            Tupper said that buying seafood from one area only made the process easier. He says Triad only purchases salmon from select Southeast Alaska fishermen and sells it under the "Bruce Gore" label in the U.S., Japan and Europe:


-- (Triad 3                   31 sec              "We only do froze-at-sea troll-caught ... to be sashimi-grade.")


            Tupper says having the ASMI-F-A-O certification brings peace of mind to his buyers:


-- (Triad 4                   17 sec              "The nice think about this ... above board and happy.")


            Global trust had previously recognized the salmon fisheries in Alaska with its "Responsible Fisheries Management" certification.