Jun 18 2012
School Board Praised for Music Programs
Monday, 18 June 2012

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            A statewide arts education group has selected several Kodiak residents for its annual "Champion of Arts" award. Seven people, in fact: Melissa Borton, Aaron Griffin, Catherine Le, Patrick McElligatt, Katie Oliver, Peggy Rauwolf and Norm Wooten. If those names sound familiar, and they should, they are the members of the Kodiak Island Borough School District Board of Education.

            The Alaska Arts Education Consortium is an affiliation of 27 school districts, organizations and individuals who help prepare teachers around the state to teach the arts. Each year the AAEC honors individuals or organizations around Alaska who champion the arts in education.

            The Kodiak school board was honored for action it took six years ago in reinstating music and band instruction starting in 6th grade. Because of the renewed commitment to music in 2006, fellow students and members of the community at large are today enjoying high-quality student musical, theatrical, and dance productions on a regular basis.