Jun 14 2012
Senator Looks Forward to Plenty of Debate
Thursday, 14 June 2012

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            Alaska's new legislative districts will stay in place for this year's elections unless a new legal challenge succeeds or the U.S Justice Department doesn't agree. Kodiak Senator Gary Stevens says it appears there are a number of instances with two good candidates - sometimes both incumbents - being forced to run against each other.



-- (Stevens 1               25 sec              "So I'm sorry to see that ... just the way it's going to happen.")


            Currently there's a 10-10 tie between Republicans and Democrats in the Senate. Alaska Republican Party Chair Randy Ruederich stated earlier this year that the party will try to have elected a clear majority in the Senate because he does not think the bipartisan coalition, headed by Senator Stevens, is conservative enough. Stevens says he doesn't see a major swing either way:


-- (Stevens 2               23 sec              "I'm not a very good judge of ... we'll see how things turn out.")


            Stevens' new district stretches from Yakutat to Nelson Island, and includes Cordova, where Robert Henrich has filed as a Democrat to challenge Stevens in the general election:


-- (Stevens 3               17 sec              "It's ok. It's good to have ... and I'm anxious to do that.")


            The state primary election is August 28th. And though there are no primary races in the Kodiak area, there will be an important ballot questions regarding coastal zone management on the ballot. The general election is November 6th.