Jun 12 2012
No Surprises in Early Days of Kodiak Salmon Season
Tuesday, 12 June 2012

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            The Kodiak commercial salmon season kicked off on Saturday. Fish and Game's Kodiak Area Management Biologist James Jackson says it's still too early to tell what's hot and what's not, and he describes a lot of the fishing at this point in the season as "average."



-- (Salmon 1                35 sec              "On the west side, catches were ... catches down there right now.")


            Other places, he points out, are doing a little better at this stage of the season:


-- (Salmon 2                19 sec              "The put-and-take fisheries ... fishery up to the mouth.")


            As for the season forecast for the Kodiak area salmon fisheries, he pulls out that stand-by description:


-- (Salmon 3                38 sec              "For Kodiak I'm going to see how ... as average as it gets.")


            And for folks wanting to get a little early salmon for the smokehouse, Jackson has just the place to find success subsistence fishing.


-- (Salmon 4                10 sec              "Have people go over to Litnik ... set a gillnet right there.")


            Through Monday, the all-species commercial harvest stood at 86,272 salmon, with reds accounting for 78,000 of those.