May 22 2012
School District Honors Longtime Employees
Tuesday, 22 May 2012

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            The Kodiak Island Borough School District paid tribute to 11 employees last night for their decades of service to Kodiak's students. The district recognized eight employees for 25 years of service and three more for 30 years of service. KMXT's Jennifer Canfield produced this sound collage of Assistant Superintendent Marilyn Davidson honoring each of the employees at last night's regular school board meeting.

            The district also recognized eight employees who were retiring. 



25 Years:

Kodiak High School Teacher Darcy Glagolich

Port Lions School Aide/Custodian Georgia Kramer

Kodiak Middle School Teacher Mary Linscheid

District-wide Educational Technologist Laurene Madsen

North Star Elementary School Teacher Karen Majdic

East Elementary School Teacher Susan Patrick

Community Schools Staff Member Robert Reed

North Star Elementary School Teacher Sharon Taylor


30 Years:

North Star Elementary School Principal Janel Keplinger

Kodiak High School Teacher Jim Lambert

Central Services Secretary Marci Stelzer



Kodiak Middle School Teacher George Griffing

Kodiak Middle School Teacher Patricia Griffing

Kodiak High School Teacher David Morgan

East Elementary School Teacher Judith Phillips

Kodiak Middle School Teacher Kathy Rostad

Maintenance Secretary Barbara Snodgrass

East Elementary School Aide Terri Springer

Kodiak Middle School Custodian Edmundo Tapia