Sep 04 2008
Mill Bay Repaving Prep Underway
Thursday, 04 September 2008

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         Since last week, the driving conditions on Mill Bay Road have become even more challenging than usual, but, according to Kodiak Public Works Director Mark Kozak, by the time work is done, the road will be much improved. The bad news is it'll be about three weeks before that happens, and it'll get worst before it gets better.


            Kozak says crews are prepping Mill Bay so heavy equipment can come in and get it ready for re-paving.


--          (Mill Bay 1              :36 sec                                    "... in the milling area needs to be removed.")


            He expects the milling machine to arrive today from the mainland, with work beginning first thing tomorrow morning.


--          (Mill Bay 2              45 sec              "... final paving begining by the 25th of September.")


            Even though the city has been using dirt to fill in the holes - which range from about a foot square to about a yard square - the weather is conspiring to make them rough, deep and abrupt hazards to driving.


--          (Mill Bay 3              14 sec              "... with the heavy rains that we've had.")


            Kozak didn't have a number off the top of his head, but he figured there were about 90 spots with either sewer, storm drain or water valve covers needed to be removed.