May 15 2012
Kodiak Capital Projects Avoid Veto
Tuesday, 15 May 2012

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            Governor Sean Parnell signed both the state operating budget and the state capital projects budget yesterday afternoon, and like much of the state, Kodiak did not have projects vetoed. In fact, of the $66-million vetoed by the governor, $50-million of that was for the Judicial Retirement Trust Fund.

            The combined budgets total about $12-billion - $9-billion to run the state and almost $3-billion for projects.

            There is $870-million for transportation, $210-million for energy projects and $90-million for health care. Though for every dollar spent on projects, four dollars were put into the state's savings accounts.

            Also approved was the $453-million general obligation bond package that would fund ports and harbor projects around the state if it is passed by voters this summer.

            The biggest budget item for the Kodiak area is $30-million of state money to build a new launch pad at Narrow Cape to handle larger rockets with greater payloads. Improvements to Kodiak State Airport were funded at $26-million, though that is all federal pass-through money. In the city, Pier 3 replacement received $18.1-million in direct funding, and includes more money in the general obligation bond. If that is passed, the new cargo dock will not cost the city anything.

            Kodiak Electric Association received $7.8-million to help pay for expansion of the Pillar Mountain wind far, which will double in size this summer from three turbines to six.

            Baranof Park received $3.6-million for replacement of the track and football field.

            Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association received about $2.5-million for improvements for the Kitoi Bay and Pillar Creek hatcheries.

            The Kodiak Island Borough will receive over $6-million for expansion of the landfill on Monashka Bay Road, while another $7-million has been appropriated for the Kodiak High School project.

            Kodiak's Gary Stevens, the Senate President, said he was very pleased with Parnell's actions, saying the agreement where the legislature promised not to overspend if the governor wouldn't veto projects, held up well. Stevens called it a great day for all Alaskans.