Sep 04 2008
Women's Retreat: An Opportunity To Be Revived
Thursday, 04 September 2008

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            An independent committee of women from many different church congregations in Kodiak are hosting their 11th annual women’s retreat on Woody Island this weekend. Mary Donaldson had the chance to catch up with Questa Harper, an event organizer, at Camp Woody where she was busy getting ready for the retreat.

            The Women’s Retreat Committee begins meeting once a month every May to prepare for their yearly women’s getaway. Questa Harper says that the retreat averages around 50 women each year, with one of their best years having about 75 participants. She says when the camp began 11 years ago, organizers had no idea the retreat would be so popular.

            (Questa 1                    :16s     “…continued on.”)

            She says the retreat offers a chance for women to leave the scene of the city, to regroup mentally and spiritually and to get away from the daily stresses of life.

            (Questa 2                    :33s     “…as well as others.”)

            Harper says there are plenty of activities and resources for all women to utilize while out there.

            (Questa 5                    :40s     “…good time.”)

            She hopes that women participating can take away a restored sense of self from the main goals of the retreat, as well as gaining more comradery with other women of different faiths in the community.

            (Questa 3                    :27s     “…burdens that they carry”)

            Harper says they will be meeting at the transient dock behind the Channelside Chowder House at 6 p.m. Friday to head out to Woody Island and will return Sunday afternoon. The retreat has a fee of 75-dollars which covers all costs for the weekend. She says all women need to bring are themselves and their basic amenities.

            Harper says it’s still not too late to sign up for the women’s retreat, and those interested can do so by contacting Karen Young, a member of the Women’s Retreat Committee, at 486-1914, or herself at Camp Woody. Any women, from any faith, aged from about 18 and up are invited to attend.

            I’m Mary Donaldson.