Sep 03 2008
Kodiak Superior Court Judge Moving To Anchorage
Wednesday, 03 September 2008

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            Governor Sarah Palin recently announced that Kodiak Superior Court Judge Joel Bolger (BOWL-JER) will be filling the vacancy on the Alaska Court of Appeals. Mary Donaldson has more.

            Judge Joel Bolger will be filling Justice David Stewart’s vacancy on the Alaska Court of Appeals as an appeals court judge. The decision was announced the end of last month, as Governor Palin selected Bolger from a list of eligible candidates nominated by the Judicial Council after Justice Stewart announced his plans for retirement. The Alaska Judicial Council is an independent citizen’s commission created by the Alaska Constitution, which has statutory duties to screen and nominate for judicial vacancies for appointment by the governor, to evaluate performance of judges and to conduct research and publish reports to improve administration of justice in Alaska.

            Judge Bolger says he is grateful to be chosen out of all the eligible candidates to serve as an appeals court judge.

            (Bolger 1                     :17s     “…good panel.”)

Bolger has worked with law all over Alaska for 28 years, from Barrow all the way down to Kodiak, which he considers home.

            (Bolger 2                     :48s     “…great deal”)

The position requires Judge Bolger to relocate to Anchorage. He says leaving Kodiak will be tough, but that he looks forward to his new appointment because of the work it involves.

            (Bolger 3                     :16s     “…enjoy a great deal.”)

            Bolger has been an active member of the Kodiak community over the years as he has been involved in several activities in town. He says Kodiak has a special place in his heart for several reasons, especially since he began his early work here.

            (Bolger 4                     :41s     “…so many good times here.”)

He will begin his new appointment by the end of October. Bolger received his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Iowa in 1976, and a law degree from the college of law, from the same university in 1978.

            The Alaska Court of Appeals is a three-member judicial panel with jurisdiction to hear appeals in many different types of criminal cases.

            I’m Mary Donaldson.