Sep 02 2008
Gustav Forces Former Kodiak Family To Evacuate New Orleans
Tuesday, 02 September 2008

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           Former Kodiak resident Peggy Morris now lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, with her husband Chuck and son Cody. Like most people there she evacuated the Crescent City in the face of Hurricane Gustav, which bore down on them exactly three years after Hurricane Katrina made landfall.

            Jay Barrett talked with Peggy live during today’s KMXT Morning News.

--          (Peggy Morris Gustav 2Way             1:53                 “… you too, bye-bye.”)

            Jay Barrett talking with former Kodiak resident – and KMXT board president – Peggy Morris, who now lives in New Orleans. She, like most of the city, evacuated over the weekend in the face of Hurricane Gustav.

            Over 2-million people evacuated the city, and while Gustav did not breech the levees, heavy rain still flooded some areas in Louisiana and southern Mississippi.