Apr 27 2012
Still a Chance to Influence 'Feel' of Library
Friday, 27 April 2012

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            The latest opportunity for the public to view the progress being made on designing Kodiak's new library is coming up Friday night. Designers from MRV Architects will be in town, and are bringing a computerized 3-D walkthrough of the building, which is about 60-percent completed.


            Cory Wall is one of the lead architects working on the project:


-- (Library 1                36 sec              "If you imagine at zero percent ... door frame sits in the wall.")


            Wall says the library is shaping up to be what he calls "a fantastic-feeling community space," with much more elbow room than the current library.


-- (Library 2                36 sec              "We had heard a lot of feedback ... or meet a bunch of friends.")


            Speaking of the view to the south from atop Signal Hill, there are a couple of huge, old satellite communication dishes in the way, and are much more prominent since many of the trees on the site have been cut down:


-- (Library 3                12 sec              "So that's one of the things ... view side too, unfortunately.")


            Even though the plans are in an advanced stage of completion, Wall says there is still plenty of opportunity for community members to speak up and influence some of the design:


-- (Library 4                26 sec              "The major questions about ... on the way the building feels.")


            The community meeting will be (Friday) starting at 7 in the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center downtown.