Apr 13 2012
Council Approves Baranof Park Bid
Friday, 13 April 2012

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            The Kodiak City Council held its regular meeting last night.Here are a the highlights:

            The council passed a resolution that will put on this year's election ballot a proposition that allows newly elected council members to begin their term the first Monday following an election. Last October, after council members Terry Haines and Randall Bishop were elected, the city attorney pointed out that their term didn't begin until the next regular meeting. The council had previously interpreted that to mean that if a regular meeting- the kind held on the second or fourth Thursday of the month- was rescheduled for another day, that meeting would still meet the requirement of the charter. Because most November and December meetings are rescheduled or cancelled due to the Alaska Municipal League conference or holidays, a regular meeting might not happen until January. Voters will see the proposition on the ballot in October.

            A construction bid for the Baranof Park improvements was accepted. The city received only two bids for the project. One was disqualified and the other came in at $4.7 million. The improvements have a $3 million budget. The project's engineer was tasked with adjusting his design and negotiating with the remaining bidder to reduce the cost. Ohno Construction submitted a revised bid that comes in just $3,000 below budget, leaving very little for contingencies. The city will reallocate funds from other Parks and Recreation projects if necessary. The improvements are funded with a $2 million grant from the state, $500,000 from the Kodiak Island Borough and $500,000 from the city.

            The council authorized a $37,760 contract for Cornerstone General Contractors to provide construction management services on the new public library and $24,150 for RISE Alaska to identify and procure art for the site. Since the new library is partially funded with state money, it must spend one percent of its capital construction costs on art.

             The council also authorized $74,028 for the purchase of a used backhoe for the Harbor Department and declared April as Child Abuse Prevention Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Month of the Military Child.

            Mayor Pat Branson was recognized for her recent award from the National Council on Aging and the National Institute of Senior Centers. Council member Gabriel Saravia was also congratulated for his recent certification from the National League of Cities