Apr 12 2012
New Launch Pad at Narrow Cape Tops Kodiak Budget Items
Thursday, 12 April 2012

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            The Alaska Senate passed its version of the state capital budget Wednesday afternoon. Kodiak Senator Gary Stevens anticipates working out the differences with the House and having both bodies pass the budget by session adjournment time on Sunday.

            The City of Kodiak's Pier 3 replacement is funded to $18-million in the Capital budget, with an additional $15-million in the Ports and Harbors general obligation bond, which is subject to statewide voter approval. 

            The city had anticipated having to find money on its own to pay for a portion of the project, but if the bond passes, the project will be fully funded.

            Two villages have transportation infrastructure funded. Old Harbor airport expansion is budgeted to receive $4.5-million, while a new city dock and ferry terminal for Port Lions would receive $3-million. A new terminal will allow the ferry Kennicott to dock there, as it's too large for the current dock.

            Kodiak State Airport improvements has $26-million budgeted, all of which is federal pass-through funds, and also appeared on the governor's budget.

            The biggest ticket item for the Kodiak area is $30-million, which is all state funds and also requested by the governor. That's for construction of a launch pad capable of handling medium-lift rockets at the Kodiak Launch Complex at Narrow Cape.

           Governor Parnell's requests for House District 36 was just over $71-million. The Senate added another $58-million, for a total of $129.7-million. The State House will also likely have requests of its own, and the two bodies will reconcile their versions in the next few days before sending it on to the governor.