Jan 27 2012
Months of Training and Practice Ahead for Rock Island Rollers
Friday, 27 January 2012

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            Members of Kodiak's roller derby league began practices recently. Their first get together on skates was at the National Guard Armory, but they have since moved to the school gymnasium at Saint Mary's. Katherynn Hollis-Buchanan, one of the league coaches, says practice falling is high on the list of skills the teammates are practicing.



-- (Roller 1                  20 sec              "Many of our girls have ... amongst ourselves in private.")


            Hollis-Buchanan and three other members of the Rock Island Rollers, Elizabeth O'Donnell, Chris Lynch and Chrissie Johnsrude were guests on KMXT's Jock of the Rock Saturday. Hollis-Buchanan and Lynch said there are plenty of other teams in the state interested in bouts against Kodiak.


-- (Roller 2                  15 sec              "There are what, 32 teams ... two teams scrimmage. At least.")


            Lynch says the Rock Island Rollers organization is different than a typical city-league basketball or volleyball team in that they are incorporated so they can someday be sponsored:


-- (Roller 3                  16 sec              "We've chosen the route of ... It's the real deal.")


            The members of the team will continue to train and practice for the rest of the winter and during the summer and hope to have their first bouts next fall. When teams from off the Rock visit, they'll get to compete against the two local teams. The Kodiak players will form an all-star team when they travel to the mainland.