Aug 25 2008
First Day Of School for KHS, KMS
Monday, 25 August 2008

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    Today marked (Monday) the first day of school for Kodiak High School and Kodiak Middle school students for the 2008-2009 school year, while elementary school will be opening their doors and classrooms on Tuesday.

           At KHS, students flooded through the doors to greet classmates and were catching up with those they hadn’t visited with for a few months.
After a refreshing summer break, many incoming and returning students were ready to hit the books again, and regain their academic focus.
    One returning junior says she is happy to be back in the hallways and seeing all of the new faces at KHS.
    (FD 1        :15s    “…with the books and stuff.”)
    Also amidst the flurry of students were a few freshmen who are just beginning their high school years. One student says he is excited to get into the athletic scene in high school.
    (FD 2        :14s    “…in December, yeah!”)
    Another incoming KHS student says he looks forward to excelling academically.
    (FD 3        :09s    “…get good grades.”)
    Some students are returning to KHS for their final year. One student says he wants to make sure he stays focused so he can graduate in spring.
    (FD 4        :12s    “…that’s about it.”)
    Lieutenant Ray Ellis of the Kodiak Police Department urges the public to use caution in school zones and crosswalks near the schools, as well as yielding to crossing guards as they escort students across the streets. He says it’s almost that time of year again when the mornings are slowly getting darker, and that students should think about wearing lighter or reflective clothing if they are walking or biking to school. He also asks motorists to be aware of school buses as they make stops along the bus routes.