Jan 04 2012
Leyland-Fields Discusses Food and God on Talk of Alaska
Wednesday, 04 January 2012

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            Kodiak author Leslie Leyland-Fields was the guest on yesterday's Talk of Alaska from APRN with Steve Heimel. The subject was food and the spiritual connections associated with it. Leyland-Fields is the editor of the recently published book "The Sipirt of Food - 34 Writers on Feasting and Fasting toward God."  



-- (Food God 1            53 sec              "One thing that is pointed out ... needy, dependent, hungry people.")


            Leyland-Fields said Alaskans especially have always thought about their connection with the food and its sustainability:


-- (Food God 2            35 sec              "So many of us live away from ... than people down below.")


            She said food should be considered more than just fuel to be consumed in mass quantities the way advertising has portrayed it:


-- (Food God 3            51 sec              "Those of use who are thoughtful ... and feeds our relationship.")


            You can hear the whole Talk of Alaska with Kodiak author Leslie Leyland-Fields on the APRN website.