Dec 30 2011
Leisnoi Moves Forward With New Board of Directors
Friday, 30 December 2011

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              Leisnoi Corporation has finalized the approval of its new board of directors. The corporation’s board had been recalled in June and an interim board was elected. The previous board was accused of mismanagement and failing to communicate with shareholders. The interim board, which was confirmed on Wednesday, includes Jana Turvey, Shannon Johnson, Jeff Chester, Jay Baldwin and Debbie Lukin. Lukin was elected president of the board. She says the corporation is looking forward.

--          (Leisnoi 1                    :15                   “We know that on Kodiak island itself that our corporation probably doesn’t have the best reputation and we’re looking forward to mending relationships and moving forward in a positive direction.”)


            Lukin says the board will start the search for a new CEO and support staff in the coming months.