Dec 23 2011
$10,000 Christmas Light Display Dazzles Kodiak
Friday, 23 December 2011

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            This year one Kodiak family turned their holiday light display into an action-packed musical show.

            Andy Crawley said he and his wife typically don't even hang Christmas lights, but this year he saw a dancing light display online and wanted in on the action.


--          (Xmas lights 1                        :10                   "I saw the technology ...look into it and try it.")    


            Crawley's festive experiment has turned into a holiday hit, with visitors packing the otherwise quiet street of Otemloi Way nightly to see the show. The house and surrounding yard are decorated with elaborate light displays which hook up to a programming center controlled from inside the house. Crawley said he bought the programming software online from a company called Light-o-Rama. The LED lights were purchased locally. Crawley estimates it has cost him about ten thousand dollars to purchase and ship everything for the show.


--          (Xmas lights 2                        :15                   "We build all the props ... when they come alive.")           


            And come alive they do. Thanks to a small FM radio transmitter, viewers can tune their car radios to 88.9 FM and watch the lights dance to music Crawley broadcasts from inside his home. Each song and dance is hand choreographed, or rather programmed, by Crawley. He said it can take him up to 12 hours to program one song.  

            The show starts each night around 6 p.m. and typically runs until 9:30 or 10 p.m. Last night's show featured a new addition, four giant lit rings that add some extra flavor to the tall Christmas trees and glowing stars.

            Despite the display's growing attention, Crawley said the neighbors don't seem to mind the crowds.


--          (Xmas lights 3                        :19                   "So far the neighbors ... and then go from there.")


            Crawley said he doesn't estimate his electrical bill going up more than fifty dollars, but even if it does, he says it's well worth it. He hopes to keep the show running each night until the New Year.