Dec 20 2011
Name Change Accompanies Re-Focusing of Fish Tech Center Mission
Tuesday, 20 December 2011

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            The name on the sign out front might not be changing any time soon, but if you call over to the Fish Tech Center, don't be confused - it has a new name. As co-director Keith Criddle explains, the University of Alaska Fishery Industrial Technology Center on Near Island had a rechristening earlier this month.



-- (Fish Tech 1                        19 sec              "Names of organizations ... and Marine Science Center.")


            He said the name change came out of recommendations made earlier this year:


-- (Fish Tech 2                        34 sec              "Well there was a review ... taking place there in Kodiak.")


            Criddle said the building has been known as the "Fish Tech Center" or "FITC" for so long, he'll understand if the name change doesn't catch on right away:


-- (Fish Tech 3                        19 sec              "It wouldn't surprise ... Seafood and Marine Science Center.")


            Not to confuse the issue any further, but the official name of the facility is the Alfred E. Owen Building. A new sign has been ordered, but its delivery date is not yet set.