Aug 20 2008
Biologist Warns Against Harassing Bears
Wednesday, 20 August 2008

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            Alaska Department of Fish and Game Wildlife Biologist Larry Van Daele is warning Kodiak residents and visitors to stay away from two bears that are frequenting the Bell’s Flats neighborhood.

            The two sub-adult bruins were raiding garbage and homes in the area for about a month, until Van Daele says they were recently persuaded to go after more natural foods, such as berries, fish and vegetation.

In the past week, the bears have been seen regularly on the flats near the mouths of Sargent and Russian Creeks.

Van Daele says this presents many people with an opportunity to watch and photograph the bears, and reinforces the bears' desire to stay away from people.

Unfortunately, some people are approaching the bears with vehicles, which Van Daele says is both illegal and highly dangerous, and could lead the bears back to seeking food from homes and garbage cans.

He’s urging anyone who sees a person approaching a bear on the beach with a vehicle, to contact the Alaska Wildlife Troopers at 486-4761 with a description of the vehicle, its occupants, and photos if possible.