Aug 14 2008
Walk For Change Scheduled This Weekend
Thursday, 14 August 2008

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            This Saturday, supporters of Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign will gather to share ideas with other Kodiak residents.

            Jeff Giertz is the Alaska Communications Director for the Obama Campaign. He says there will be Walk for Change events taking place statewide this weekend, with activities scheduled in Kodiak as well.             (Walk 1                       :28s     “…that people are concerned about.”)

            He says the events are planned to allow local democrats to meet one another and to be involved in the campaign. Giertz says the event will be run by volunteers in Kodiak, with no members of the Anchorage campaign offices attending. But he says that they are considering a campaign office in Kodiak.

            (Walk 2                       :23s     “…in rural Alaska.”)

Obama is the presumptive democratic nominee for the November election. He’ll face likely republican-nominee John McCain. Giertz says interested participants can meet this Saturday at Mill Bay Coffee and Pastries at either 1:30 or 3 P.M. to participate in the door-to-door style campaign. The event is sponsored by the Alaska Democratic Party.