Aug 05 2008
More Plans For KEA's Pillar Mountain Wind Project
Tuesday, 05 August 2008

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            Kodiak Electric Association’s Pillar Mountain Wind Project will have more than just wind generators when it’s completed next summer. Mary Donaldson has more.


            In addition to the three wind turbines, KEA President and CEO Darron Scott says that they plan on installing a weather tower.

            (Scott 1                       :           “…we’ll have up there.”)

            He says with the city council’s approval, the weather tower will gather many types of data to help KEA keep the turbines operating accurately.

            (Scott 2                       :17       “…that we have.”)

            Scott says knowing accurate wind speeds will help ensure that the turbines are performing well, and also to gather wind directions.

            (Scott 3                       :22s     “…and all that they can do.”)

            He says that so far, the Pillar Mountain Project is right on schedule, and that the turbines will be installed next summer.

.           (Scott 4                       :27s     “…by the fall.”)

            Scott says it will be after the three turbines are up and running, and are settled nicely into the system when KEA will move ahead with purchasing three more turbines to add to the system.

            City councilman Jack Maker says he supports KEA’s sustainable energy project.

            (Maker 1                    :12s     “…by 2020.”)

So far the city council has passed the first reading of KEA’s request to install the weather tower. The next action for the council will be a second reading at the next regular meeting this month. KEA is requesting a tower site lease on Pillar Mountain for 1600 square feet. The lease would be for 20 years if approved, with a required renewal every five years.

            I’m Mary Donaldson.