Aug 04 2008
Pink Salmon Run Weak So Far
Monday, 04 August 2008

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            Commercial salmon catch forecasts for pink salmon are low this year. Alaska Department of Fish and Game Area Management Biologist Jeff Wadle(WAD-LEE) says humpies are coming in weak around most parts of the island.

            (Salmon Update 1                   :17s     “…in a lot of the areas.”)

One area of exception though is the Alitak district. He says that the numbers are right on with forecasts, and are expected to continue to meet them until the fishery closes.

            (Salmon Update 2       :12s     “…highlight of the island this year.”)

            By the end of July, the total number of pink salmon harvested for the Alitak district was 491 thousand, The department’s high end forecast for the season of one and a half million pinks for the Alitak district. By contrast the forecast for the Westside of the island was 7 point 4 million humpies. But the harvest only reached 1 point 2 million through the end of July.

            Wadle (WAD-LEE) says that weak pink salmon forecasts and harvests are causing closures.    

(Salmon Update 3       :20s     “…been below average.”)

As of Friday, current closures were the Duck, Izhut and Kitoi bays, as well as Kodiak’s east side district. Elsewhere, a 57 hour opener began on Saturday, and will close at 9 tonight (Monday).

The overall preseason forecast for pink salmon in the Kodiak management area was estimated to be 13 million fish. So far, it’s only reached about 2 point 4 million.