May 03 2011
Daily Mirror Launches New Website
Tuesday, 03 May 2011

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daily-mirror-website-screen.jpgJay Barrett/KMXT

            There's a welcome new look to the web site for the Kodiak Daily Mirror newspaper. Developers have been working for the better part of a year on the completely new site, according to Editor-in-chief Derek Clarkston.

             An article about the new website posted on Monday notes that access will be free until sometime this summer, after which readers will have to pay for access. Subscribers to the print edition will get online access included at no extra charge. Those wanting only the online edition can pay $60 per year for access.

            All the daily news stories, letters to the editor and links to statewide and national stories will be available, but Clarkston thinks another feature will be most popular:


--          (Mirror 2                    31 sec              "You know, I think people will ... there to look at.")


            Clarkston, who in addition to overseeing the editorial staff is also the sports editor, will also be regularly updating the site with sports:


--          (Mirror 3                    10 sec              "It's a great way ... the sports blog as well.")


            In addition to the sports blog, the editorial staff will also get individual blogs to provide insight into production of a daily newspaper and to pass on tidbits outside of full stories. Visitors can also recommend stories to several social networking and news sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Fark.

            Daily updates will go online at noon. We've got a link to the Kodiak Daily Mirror's new site on our website, KMXT dot org.