Apr 13 2011
Lake Fertilization Could be Key to Rebuild Salmon Stocks
Wednesday, 13 April 2011

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            The Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association will be making a pitch at ComFish this week for an ambitious project to rejuvenate faltering salmon runs on the west side of Kodiak Island. The association's operations manager Gary Byrne says the goal is to restore three lakes that he says have commercial potential as producers of sockeye salmon.



-- fertilization 1       1:21         "We're looking at three ... remedy that situation."


            Byrne will be making his presentation this Saturday at noon at the ComFish Trade Show.


-- fertilization 2           :29       "We're looking to have a lot of ... attempt to answer it."


            The three lakes are in the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge that's managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The fertilization project would require not only funding but an extensive environmental review. Byrne says he hopes to get the ball rolling next year.


-- fertilization 3    :30      "Right now we are in the process ... on track to do that."


            Again, Byrne will be speaking at ComFish at noon on Saturday about an ambitious project to restore sockeye salmon production on the Karluk, Frazer and Spiridon river systems.