Jul 24 2008
Assembly Members:Glad It's Over
Thursday, 24 July 2008

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            A series of Kodiak Island Borough lawsuits finally came to and end on July 8th, when a claim made by assembly members Louise Stutes, Reed Oswalt and Tom Abell was settled for a payment of 16 thousand, 700 dollars, which was only a portion of the 215 thousand the plaintiffs had requested. Everyone involved now agrees that its time to move on


Abell says the whole settlement took months longer than it should have.

(Assembly 1                :19s     “…drew this out.”)

He says the whole ordeal has been really frustrating, especially since the legal fees could have been paid months ago, and for much less than what was settled for this month.

(Assembly 2                :34s     “…we can move forward now.”)

Assemblywoman Chris Lynch, who consistently opposed paying legal fees for her colleagues, says she is happy to move forward with borough business.

(Assembly 3                :23s     “…moving ahead now.”)

Abell, Stutes and Oswalt sued borough Mayor Jerome Selby and three of their colleagues after their request to pay legal fees from an earlier lawsuit was denied. The earlier suit was filed by former assemblyman Mel Stephens over violations of attendance rules by assembly members Pat Branson and Sue Jeffrey, which led to Jeffrey being temporarily removed from the assembly and changes being made to the borough code regarding attendance rules. Selby is currently out of town and unavailable for comment.