Mar 24 2011
Campbell Faces Senate Committee
Thursday, 24 March 2011

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            Questions over the relative experience of Governor Parnell's choice to lead the Alaska Department of Fish and Game arose during a Senate committee hearing.

            While 31-year-old Cora Campbell received broad support from many who testified Wednesday there were exceptions.

            Wildlife biologist Vic Van Ballenberghe (bal-en-burg), a former member of the Board of Game, noted that past nominees had extensive academic and administrative backgrounds.


-- campbell 1               :39       "It would be ... background and experience."


            Others rose to her aid. Here's Karl Johnstone, the current vice chair of the Alaska Board of Fish, who said he was speaking on his own behalf.


-- campbell 2               :36       "There's been some concern ... she will provide."


            It was Campbell's first appearance before the Senate Resources Committee, a necessary step for confirmation. Her name was forwarded last week by the House Resouces Committee without objection.  

            Senators spent less than 40 minutes Wednesday asking questions and taking public testimony before running out of time. Responding to pointed questions from lawmakers, Campbell rose to her own defense.


-- campbell 3               :48       "I've been exposed ... approach that I've taken."


            Campbell's nomination will be revisited in coming days. She awaits confirmation by a vote of the full legislature.