Mar 09 2011
Borough Mayor Appoints High School Expansion Task Force
Wednesday, 09 March 2011

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            Planning for the Kodiak High School rebuilding and expansion project has crossed another juncture. Last week Kodiak Island Borough Mayor Jerome Selby appointed a number of local residents to a task force to provide community review and suggestions for the project. KMXT's Maggie Wall has details.

 -((School Adv Committee   2:53  "As part of...Jerome Selby. SOC."))




            A list of committee members is posted on KMXT's website



            As part of the high school rebuilding and expansion project, the borough is hoping to get as much input from the community as possible.

            In a memo to the borough manager, Selby said the high school staff and others have worked long and hard with the design team to provide the team with needs and wishes of various school interests.

            Selby wrote that it's time now for a broader based group of Kodiak citizens representing various stakeholder groups to meat with the community and openly discuss the values of a range of concept options.

            To that end Mayor Selby last Thursday (March 3) appointed a long list of residents to what's being called "The Citizen's Advisory Committee for the Kodiak High School Project.":

-((School Adv Committee   :52  "We do process."))

            The newest person on the committee is Nelson Mira. Bob Brodie is the committee chair.

            Selby says the schools have had input, but this is the opportunity for the Kodiak community to speak up with ideas:

-((School Adv Committee 2  :31   "This is well."))

            Selby said the committee will be super busy the next couple of months:

-((School Adv Committee 3  :21        "They are going....the whole process."))

            Borough Mayor Jerome Selby.

            I'm Maggie Wall.

List of members on citizen's advisory committee:  LIST is at bottom of story in Maggie's files.


Members of The Citizen's Advisory Committee for the Kodiak High School Project


Bob Brodie, Chair

Brent Watkins

Jerrol Friend

Jeff Stewart

Mark Anderson

Darron Scott

Barbara Bolson

Barry Altenhof

Bonnie Dillard

Bob Foy

Gregg Hacker

Charlie Powers

Ian Fulp

Dick Rohrer

Rolan Ruoss

Norm Wooten

Nelson Mira