Jul 16 2008
New Offices To Be Built On Near Island
Wednesday, 16 July 2008

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The Rasmusen Foundation, a private organization that supports nonprofits statewide, recently awarded 11 point-nine million dollars to businesses across the state. One of the recipients was Kodiak Area Native Association, which will use the money to build on Near Island. Mary Donaldson has more.


The 850-thousand dollars that KANA received will help fund construction of a office space on lot number one on Near Island’s business park subdivision. That’s on the water side of Dog Salmon Bay Road. Mike Pfeffer, KANA’s facilities director, says the new space will incorporate several community development programs under one roof.

(Pfeffer 1                    :38s     “…to the beneficiaries.”)

Will Anderson, the President and CEO of Koniag says sharing office space on Near Island with KANA shows their commitment to the community, since their regional office has had a few relocations in the past.

(Anderson 1                :11s     “…staff members.”)

Pfeffer says Near Island is an ideal location for KANA.

(Pfeffer 2                    :14s     “…would be a benefit.”)

He says right now, KANA is gathering cost estimates for the construction, and as long as that goes smoothly, they will begin groundwork this fall, with actual construction beginning next year.

(Pfeffer 3                    :22s     “…March of 2010.”)

Pfeffer says receiving the grant shows the Rasmuson Foundation’s trust in KANA’s project.

(Pfeffer 5                    :30s     “…that we are trying to achieve.”)

Anderson says he is happy to continue working with KANA.

(Anderson 2                :18s     “…to work together.”)

The Rasmuson Foundation gave away its first grant in 1955, and has supported Alaska non-profit organizations ever since, with awards of about 20-million annually to help improve the quality of life in Alaska.

I’m Mary Donaldson.