Jul 08 2008
Borough Consultants Talking Trash
Tuesday, 08 July 2008


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            The people of Kodiak will get a chance to provide feedback on the draft solid waste plan the borough commissioned. Two representatives from the consulting firm of Bell and Associates are in town this week to hold a series of meetings on what Kodiak can do about its garbage. 

           Presentations will be made before Noon Rotary Tuesday, at a special Solid Waste Advisory Committee meeting at 5:15 Wednesday evening, and at the assembly work session on Thursday night at 7:30. The plan will be the subject of KMXT’s Talk of the Rock on Friday morning.

          Chris Bell says the plan, which is available online at the borough’s web site, comes in two parts:

--          (Solid Waste 1                      30 sec              “… that’s also covered in the appendices.”)

            Bell hopes people will read at least the summary before coming to the meetings. He says a lot of the more common questions people have are already addressed there:

--          (Solid Waste 2                      46 sec              “… move forward with the details later on.”)

            He said the draft plan comes with three recommendations:

--          (Solid Waste 3                      25 sec              “… recommendations, or what people can choose.”)

            Kodiak’s isolated island location limits what solid waste disposal and recycling options are available to the borough:

--          (Solid Waste 4                      37 sec              “… some of the options within this plan.”)