Jul 07 2008
Monday, 07 July 2008
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The issue of noisy fowl within Kodiak city limits is still an issue for some residents living in the Aleutian Homes area. Mary Donaldson has more.


Three years ago the city of Kodiak went through months of debate over roosters and other foul within city limits. Ida Johnson is one of many residents who signed the petition in 2005 complaining about the problem.

(Johnson 1                  :21s     “…nor from the city council.”)

The petition asked for the City of Kodiak to take a closer look at the complaints from the residents in the Aleutian Homes that the fowl were noisy all hours of the day and night, were unsanitary, a nuisance, and were being used for cock fighting, which is illegal under city and state laws.

Gene Lorenson lives on Thorsheim Street and says that at a minimum, he would like to see the city codes stiffened to deal with the fowl problem in town.

            (Lorenson 1                :10s     “…of city limits.”)

            Larry Amox is another resident of Thorsheim, but he’s on the other side of the fence. He says he thinks the issue no longer a problem.

            (Amox 1                      :14s     “…has been resolved.”)

            Johnson says what frustrates her the most is that the city is not enforcing the codes concerning fowl, even though she has followed through with the city's past requests.

            (Johnson 3                  :26s     "...shouldn't have to.")

She says city code pertaining to annoying animals or fowl has been difficult to enforce. The code states that “no person may harbor, keep, or maintain any animal or fowl which barks, bays, howls, yaps, mews, yowls, yelps, quacks, honks, crows, squawks, clucks, or otherwise makes noise with such frequency or at such times of the day or night as will cause annoyance to a reasonable person.”

City Mayor Carolyn Floyd says the fowl problem in city limits has not been forgotten. She says the city council will be bringing the issue back up for discussion.

            (Floyd 1                       :36s     “…resolve this issue.”)

The issue of the crowing roosters came up in a passing comment made by city Councilman Tom Walters in a recent council meeting. He said angry residents have called him at 3 in the morning to listen to roosters crow over the phone.

(Walters 1                   :26s     “…to be doing to your neighbors.”)

He declined to comment further for this story except to say that the issue will be talked about in later months, once other business items are resolved such as the future of the city police station and jail.

            I'm Mary Donaldson.