Jul 02 2008
State Reaches Agreement On Nordic Viking Spill
Wednesday, 02 July 2008


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            The State of Alaska has come to a financial settlement with the former owners of the fishing vessel Nordic Viking. Almost a year ago the 130-foot boat ran aground off of Port Gravina in Prince William Sound, spilling 35-hundred gallons of diesel fuel. A Kodiak man, Dale Pruitt, was the skipper at the time of the grounding.

           Daniel Cheyette (shy-ett) an assistant attorney general for the state of Alaska, worked out the settlement, in which the owners of the Nordic Viking at the time, William Jacobson and William Prout, will make a contribution to an environmental group and pay a 17-thousand-500-dollar penalty to the state.

--            (Nordic Viking 1                   38 sec              “… Nordic Viking LLC or that company.”)

            Also as part of the settlement Jacobson and Prout will have to institute drug and alcohol testing for captains they hire on the other fishing boats they hold interests in.

            Cheyette (shy-ett) said though the deal settles the charges against Jacobson and Prout, the case against Pruitt is still active.

--            (Nordic Viking 2                   15 sec              “… not at any liberty to comment.”)

            The ship itself was written off as a total loss by the insurance company and reportedly sold and converted into a Bearing Sea trawler.