Jul 01 2008
Drummers Gear Up For Saturday Show
Tuesday, 01 July 2008

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            The Kodiak Island Drummers held a free concert on the St. Paul Harbor spit today (Tuesday). The performance was a practice run for this Saturday’s concert at the fairgrounds, where the drummers will open up for North Carolina’s Toubab Krewe. The African influenced group is playing a KMXT sponsored set. Casey Kelly stopped by the drummers’ show and has more.

            (Drummers Nat Sound 1 fades under vox)

            Sitting around in a circle at the gazebo on the St. Paul Harbor spit, about 10 of the Kodiak Island Drummers pound away on their instruments, ranging from bongos to your average snare. At the center of it all is Michael Daquioag (Dah-KEY-wah), known simply as Michael D. He says this is just a chance for the group to gear up for Saturday’s performance with Toubab Krewe at the fairgrounds.

            (Mike D 1                                          :05s                 “…half of our drummers are here.”)

            Samuel Bennett has been a drummer for four years. He says he likes traveling around and playing concerts.

            (Bennett 1                                           :06s                 “…a bunch of other places.”)

            Although he’ll be staying in Kodiak for Saturday’s show, Bennett says he’s excited about it and says the audience should expect to hear some kickin’ grooves.

            (Bennett 2                                           :04s                 “…Latin and African music.”)

            And just so there’s no doubt about it, he explains why he likes being a drummer.

            (Bennett 3                                           :03s                 “…fans and playing with Mr. D.”)

Michael D says he can’t wait for his kids to see Toubab Krewe and possibly sit in on a few songs with them during Saturday’s concert.

(Mike D 2                                          :09s                 “…so it’ll be a good thing.”)

The drummers are the opening act for Saturday’s show, which starts at 7 p.m. The gates to the fairgrounds open at five and KMXT will be providing free shuttle service to and from the show.

I’m Casey Kelly.

(Nat sound fades)

            HOST TAG: Tickets for Toubab Krewe and the Kodiak Island Drummers are on sale at the KMXT studios, both Treasury locations, and from any of the drummers themselves. The free shuttle to the concert leaves the high school parking lot at 5:00 and 6:15 p.m. Saturday and from Fisherman’s Hall at 5:10 and 6:25. Shuttles return to town at 10:15.