Jul 01 2008
Adult League Softball Dwindling
Tuesday, 01 July 2008


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Mary Donaldson/KMXT


            Every Sunday, softball enthusiasts meet up at Baranof Field for a pick-up game. With interest in softball down, the future of softball is in danger. Mary Donaldson has this report.


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The pick up games every Sunday are the only opportunity for softball players to get together and play some ball. With no women’s league this summer and no co-ed season planned, Kodiak Daily Mirror sports reporter Derek Clarkston organized the pick-up games. He says that there is a softball league in Kodiak, but at the moment there isn’t enough interest to form enough teams to play in a season. He says the interest in league play has been dwindling over the years.

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            Ron Sears has coached a women’s league softball over the years and has seen the decline. He says a lack of a designated field for adult softball leagues is the culprit.

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            The field on the Coast Guard base used to be available for softball league play, but about a year ago was taken away, due to insurance and liability reasons. The little league and all stars use the fields in town until the end of July, leaving it available only on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays for adult league softball games.

            A potential field for adult softball players to use would be the Dark Lake diamond, located behind Safeway and Threshold Recycling. The land is owned by the borough, and the City of Kodiak’s Parks and Recreation is interested in developing the land. Future agreements need to be made by the city and borough for the issue to be discussed; possibly in a future joint council assembly meeting for the project to move forward says Ian Fulp, the director of the parks and recreation. Until then he also says it is still too early to tell if the Dark Lake field will be available.

For now, players head out to Baranof Field every Sunday afternoon for the co-ed pick-up games. The games have been going on for about three weeks now and draw not only seasoned players, but also the inexperienced. Alysa Horn just graduated from Kodiak High School and has participated in several sports over the years, and will be going to UAA in the fall to play basketball on a scholarship. She says she has never played softball before, but is showing up for the pick-up games.

            (Horn 1                       :14s     “…enjoy the sport.”)

            Daniel Walker is another sports enthusiast now participating in the games every Sunday. He says he has never really participated in any softball leagues before, but heard of the games each week, and decided to come out and play.

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            The games begin at 2:30 p.m. every Sunday, and usually last for a couple of hours.

            I’m Mary Donaldson.