Jun 27 2008
Still No Arrests In Two Kodiak Homicides
Friday, 27 June 2008


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            The investigation into the homicides of Darrell Cavaness and Justin McGriff earlier this year are continuing. Treva Moore, the administrative assistant to Police Chief T.C. Kamai, says the department has been working closely with the State Crime Lab on both cases.

Cavanass was severely beaten on January 22 at a home on Natalia Street. After receiving results from forensic tests, Moore says department is now in discussions with the district attorney’s office.

            (Homicide 1                :27s            “…continuing their investigation.”)

            Cavaness died in Anchorage on January 30th from the injuries he sustained in the assault.

Detectives are still investigating the events and circumstances leading to McGriff’s death that occurred on April 29th on Pillar Mountain Road.

Moore says evidence collected from McGriff’s body and the vehicle that is suspected of striking him are being examined at the State’s Crime Lab.

            (Homicide 2                :33s            “…track down leads.”)

            She says both of the homicide cases will remain a top priority for the Kodiak Police Department as they continue to investigate them. KPD refuses to name any suspects in either of the cases, and no arrests have been made.