Mar 30 2010
Kodiak Bodybuilders Win Big in Anchorage
Tuesday, 30 March 2010

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            Two Kodiak bodybuilders came home with top honors from a state-wide competition this weekend.

             The man known as "Alaskan legend" Lindsay Knight, and newcomer Valene Wilde, both made impressive showings at the Anchorage event. Knight is owner of the Kodiak Athletic club where the two have been training for the competition.


              (champs 1                                                "It was an ... year in a row.")



            On Saturday, Knight was crowned "Mr. Alaska Grandmaster." Last year he was recognized as the only person to win that title four years running. This year, of course, he's surpassed that record. In 2009 Knight was inducted into the Alaska bodybuilding hall of fame. He's accumulated more points in his career than any other competitor in the state.

            As successful as he's been in bodybuilding competitions, its Wilde's success that he's ...well... really wild about.


--          (champs 2                                                         "I am. I ... show with her.")


            Wilde started working out four years ago when she entered and won the transformation contest at the Kodiak Athletic Club. The Anchorage Bodybuilding championship was Wilde's first-ever competition.


--          (champs 3                                                  "It turn out ... going for it")

While Knight enjoyed helping Wilde train for the competition, he says he also gets a lot of enjoyment by helping non-competitors get stronger through weight training.


--          (champs 4                                                  "No, in fact ... see some success.")


            The two Kodiak champions hope to build on their success when they travel to Boise to compete early next month. Wilde's originally from Idaho and is thrilled that she'll have family and friends on hand to share in the excitement of her new success.