Jun 17 2008
School Board To Announce New Member Wednesday
Tuesday, 17 June 2008

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           Most of the major players are out of town, but the Kodiak Island Borough Board of Education plans to hold a special meeting telephonically tomorrow (Wednesday) to select a replacement for Peggy Tuttle, who resigned from the board recently. KMXT’s Casey Kelly reports.

            School board president Betty Odell and members Jeff Stephan and Norm Wooten are all out of town, leaving Melissa Borton as the only member who will be attending the meeting in person. Odell, who’s in Massachusetts this week, says the board consulted with the school district’s lawyers before deciding to go ahead with the unusual special meeting.

            (School Vacant 1                    :19s                 “…rest of us can call in.”)

            Also out of town are Peggy Rauwolf and Ken McCarty, the two candidates for the vacant seat, who the school board interviewed at a work session last week. After the interviews the board met behind closed doors in executive session to discuss the candidates. Odell says a decision was made during the executive session, but because the agenda didn’t say that a selection would be announced, the board decided to hold another special meeting this week to make it official.

            (School Vacant 2                    :10s                 “…afternoon, I believe.”)

            Regardless of who the selection is, they won’t be sworn in and seated until next week at the earliest. McCarty is out of town until next Monday, which is the same day as the school board’s next regularly scheduled meeting. If he is chosen, he’ll be sworn in that night. Rauwolf is out of town until the end of the month. So if she’s the selection, it will have to wait until July. Odell apologizes to the public for the unusual circumstances, but she says sometimes these things can’t be helped.

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            The special meeting to announce the selection of the new school board member will start at noon Wednesday in the school district conference room, downstairs in the borough building. Whoever is selected will serve until the municipal elections in October.

            I’m Casey Kelly.