Feb 12 2010
City Council Forms Maintenance Working Group
Friday, 12 February 2010

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            The Kodiak City Council last night established a working group to develop a vehicle and equipment maintenance and replacement policy. City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski described it to Mayor Carolyn Floyd.



--          (City 1             21 sec              "First of all, this working ... what you had in mind, or not.")


            City Councilman John Whiddon offered to help, and had a suggestion for the city's planning for such expenses:


--          (City 2             27 sec              "Something else I was thinking ... time period, out.")


            Kniaziowski said she would like to see a comprehensive capital improvement plan come from the working group:


--          (City 3             26 sec              "These are capital ... strictly vehicles and equipment.")


            Councilman Tom Walters, who volunteered to be the other council member on the working group, agreed with Kniaziowski, and suggested the city start "squirreling away" money to pay for the upcoming maintenance and replacements.