Jan 28 2010
New Coast Guard Rep Takes Seat on KIB BOE
Thursday, 28 January 2010

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             At this week's regular meeting there was a "changing of the guard" on the Kodiak Island Borough School Board. Outgoing Coast Guard representative Sam Jordan stepped down after two years on the board.

            Saying he, "never passed up an opportunity at the mic," Jordan offered closing comments to the board Monday night.

He said that the opportunity to serve on the board is a unique one and that the presence of the Coast Guard on the board speaks well of cooperation within the community.

            Jordan also talked about the issues he's been advocating for in his two years as a Coast Guard liaison. One of those issues is protecting students from bullying.


--          (BOE 1                                          "I have seen ... go to school.")


            The physical safety of students is another concern the outgoing representative stressed, as well as drug and alcohol abuse. The fourth topic he spoke about is one that's somewhat unique to Kodiak

--          (BOE 2                                        "The needs and ...12th grade here.")


            Superintendent Stuart MacDonald thanked Jordan, telling him that he made, "a lasting impact on the students."

            The Coast Guard representative's seat on the school board now goes to Brad Apitz who took part in his first regular meeting Monday night.

            Apitz started his first meeting by thanking Jordan:


--          (BOE 3                            "Commander thank you ... full potential.")


            Also taking place Monday night was introduction of the new Kodiak Island Borough School District School Board Policy Manual. Like other districts around the state, the Kodiak Island Borough School Board is adopting a locally oriented version of the Alaska State School Board Association's policy manual. Superintendent Stuart MacDonald introduced the motion.


--          (BOE 4                                 "This process began ... and a public hearing.")


That motion passed, which means the second reading and public hearing on the new policy manual will take place on February 22nd. Due to the size of the manual, the actual document will not be read at the meeting however it is available for viewing on the school district's website.