Jan 27 2010
Friday Career & College Fair For Students and Community
Wednesday, 27 January 2010


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          On Friday, Kodiak students and the general public are invited to take part in the 2010 Kodiak Career and College Fair. The event will take place during the day for Kodiak High School students, then the rest of the community is invited to attend an evening session.

            The career and college fair is put on by the Kodiak Job Center and by Kodiak High School. High school guidance counselor Susan Blatt  is one of the organizers of the fair.


--          (Career Fair 1                             "The purpose of ... the potential is.")


            Blatt said that job-wise, Alaska is more fortunate than other places in the country. She said that there are still plenty of opportunities to be found here and connecting people with those opportunities are what the career and college fair is all about.


--          (Career Fair 2                          "We will be ... through the military.")

            During the day, students from Kodiak and from the villages will attend sessions on topics that they've selected in advance. The presenters at Friday's fair will be college and career professionals from Kodiak as well as well as from other parts of the state. Blatt said that the economy has had no affect on hosting this year's event.

--          (Career Fair 3                            "People have been ... of willing people.")

            In the evening, the career fair will be geared for people outside of school who are also looking for new opportunities. Blatt said that there is no age-limit and everyone is welcome. She said there are definitely adults and recent graduates in Kodiak that are looking for jobs or new careers. She said that with so many presenters it's a great way for job or career seekers to cover a lot of ground at once.

            As a high school guidance counselor in Kodiak, Blatt said that its sometimes hard for the students to see what opportunities exist and what paths are available to them. The career and college fair is designed to help them open their minds up to new possibilities.


--          (Career Fair 4                               "We're hoping to ... they do have.")


            The 2010 Kodiak Career and College Fair will take place Friday in the Kodiak High School commons. The public is invited to participate in the evening from 6 to 8 p.m.