Jan 21 2010
East Elementary Spaghetti Feed to Support Haitians
Thursday, 21 January 2010

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            The devastation in Haiti has inspired the staff and students at East Elementary school to lend a hand. On Friday the school is hosting a spaghetti feed to raise funds for victims of the January 12th earthquake.

            East Elementary principal Paul Kubena said that the decision to join the relief effort came about spontaneously. 


--          (Spaghetti 1                                     "The staff came ... coffee and pop.")


            Kubena said that the whole school will be involved in Friday's fund raiser.


--          (Spaghetti 2                                    "I will be ... come on down.")


            He went on to explain what he thinks the students will get out of their involvement in the event.


--          (Spaghetti 3                                          "You know everything ... to help out.")


            Anyone involved with the schools knows that the calendars are usually packed full with events. Finding the time to squeeze in an extra activity can be a challenge.


--          (Spaghetti 4                                       "Well, there is ... this thing happen.")


           At the time of the interview, Kubena wasn't sure to which agency the funds would be donated but he said it will be a legitimate one. One hundred percent of the proceeds raised will go for aid to Haitians affected by the quake and the recent aftershocks.

The death toll from the earth quake has been estimated at 200,000, according to Haitian government figures relayed by the European Commission. The commission raised its estimate of homeless to 2 million, from 1.5 million, and said 250,000 people need urgent aid.

Friday's fund raiser will take place at East Elementary School from 5 to 7 p.m.