Jan 05 2010
Hawver and Haakanson Awarded Rasmuson Sabbaticals
Tuesday, 05 January 2010

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            A pair of Kodiak non-profit executives will be getting some paid time off thanks to awards made last week by the Rasmuson Foundation. Monte Hawver of the Brother Francis Shelter and Sven Haakanson of the Alutiiq Museum will be vacationing for three months each on opposite ends of the globe.



--          (Sabbatical 1               16 sec              "Probably do it in March ... to learn French.")


            Hawver called it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:


--          (Sabbatical 2               34 sec              "It's going to be a welcome ... as refreshed as possible.")


            Haakanson, who has been executive director at the Alutiiq Museum for nine years, says he hopes the time off will refresh him so he can look at his job with new eyes:


--          (Sabbatical 3               38 sec              "The wonderful thing ... for the community of Kodiak.")


            Hawver said time off for him the past 18 years that he's been executive director at Kodiak's homeless shelter has been few and far between:


--          (Sabbatical 4               34 sec              "Well, you're on-call 24/7 ... burnout in this industry.")


            Hawver and Haakanson were among six executives around the state chosen for the Rasmuson Sabbatical Award. Two others are in Homer and two are from Anchorage. Rasmuson president and CEO Diane Kaplan said healthy non-profit leaders are crucial to Alaska, and the program allows them to spend quality time with loved ones and to gain new perspective on their organizations.