Dec 28 2009
USCG Flying Fish to Kotzebue
Monday, 28 December 2009

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          An Air Station Kodiak C-130 Hercules aircraft will deliver thousands of pounds of fish to Kotzebue today. Spokeswoman Charlie Hengen talked about the humanitarian mission.

--          (Fish Delivery 1                     "We're going to ... those in need.")

           The donations will be accepted by the Northwest Arctic Borough and NANA Regional Corporation this afternoon and then delivered to families.

--          (Fish Delivery 2                     "This all started ... villages as well.")

            The Coast Guard C-130 left Kodiak for Anchorage on Sunday to be loaded with the frozen and palletized fish. The aircraft will fly in and out of Elmendorf Air Force Base on its way to and from Kotzebue today.

--          (Fish Delivery 3                           "As far as I'm ... time of year.")

            After the delivery, the crew is scheduled to stop at Coast Guard Loran (lor ANN) Station Port Clarence as part of a scheduled logistics flight.