Jun 11 2008
Pilgrim Assaulted, Robbed on Spruce Island
Wednesday, 11 June 2008
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             Forty-eight-year-old Zbigniew Zdzieszynski, (zuh-BIG-nyehv zuh-jeh-SHIN-ski) a Polish man, was making a pilgrimage to the Saint Herman Holy Site on Spruce Island last weekend when he was robbed and assaulted by three Russians.


            Zdzieszynski (zuh-jeh-SHIN-ski) was stranded at Pestrikoff beach on Spruce Island, when Dustin Fraser and his skipper Dean Wilson discovered him while they were checking their gill nets in the area. They brought him aboard their boat and then took him to Pleasant Harbor, where Rebecca Dawn lives and operates Blue Dory charters.

Dawn says the Polish man was pretty distraught when he was discovered, and that the language barrier made it hard to find out details of the incident.

            (Pilgrim 1                    1:16     “…troopers came and interviewed him.”)

            Dawn also says this whole incident is quite unfortunate.

            (Pilgrim 2                    :16s     “…trying to interpret.”)

            Trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters says that the suspects have not been identified yet, but that the investigation will continue. She also could not confirm the whether the three men who assaulted Zdzieszynski (zuh-jeh-SHIN-ski) were of Russian descent.