Dec 01 2009
Finally, Flu Shots for All
Tuesday, 01 December 2009

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            Starting today (Dec. 1) anyone who wants a Swine Flu vaccine may get one. The State Department of Health announced yesterday that Alaska has received over 130,000 doses, and there's more on the way.

Department spokesman Greg Wilkinson:



--          (Swine 1                      24 sec              "Our feeling is ... and get it out there.")


            However, he said it's still important for those in the priority groups to get immunized:


--          (Swine 2                      33 sec              "Just to remind people, ... vaccinated people in Alaska.")


            He said the rate of infection in Alaska seems to be leveling off, but that doesn't necessarily mean Swine Flu season is over:


--          (Swine 3                      28 sec              "Actually we have seen ... it's too late to get vaccinated.")


            In fact, he says it's an excellent time to get vaccinated:


--          (Swine 4                      16 sec              "Especially for people ... as soon as you can.")


            There is a walk-in clinic scheduled for December 12th at the Kodiak High School. Originally, it was for the priority groups, but Wilkinson now says it will be open to all.

            He also added that last week more Swine Flu vaccine was shipped to Kodiak and distributed to pharmacies, KANA, Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center and other health-care providers, as well as the Public Health Clinic, so finding someplace to receive a shot should no longer be a problem.