Nov 27 2009
Migrant Education Program Available For Families
Friday, 27 November 2009

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            "I've got a paper for you to sign." That's a phrase that parents of school children are accustomed to hearing on a regular basis. One of those papers that came home in the backpack was a survey to identify families that qualify for migrant status.

Melissa Byers is the federal programs administrator for the Kodiak Island Borough School District.

She clarified which families qualify for the federal program.


--          (Migrant Program 1                            "Since we are ... for all of this.")

            That description applies to many families on Kodiak Island.

--          (Migrant Program 2                            "and it has to be ... some other manner.")


           Other benefits include a dollar-a-month cell phone for locations that have cell phone service, a correspondence program for high school students who have to miss opportunities due to travel, and a free breakfast and lunch. The program also provides parent facilitators to help families take advantage of the various parts of the program. Families that qualify for migrant status can select what , if any, benefits they'd like to use.

            Byers says she hopes to identify all families that qualify, whether or not they decide to participate.

She also hopes that people will feel free to take advantage of the program regardless of their financial circumstances.


--          (Migrant Program 3                            "What we're solely ..a remote location.")


            The school district's Migrant Education program just received a grant to supply books to qualifying families. The first round of books will be distributed in a few weeks.

--          (Migrant Program 4                            "This year we're ... be interested in.")

            The Migrant Education book party will take place December 15th in the Kodiak High School commons.

            Byers said enrollment in the program is on-going throughout the year.