Nov 24 2009
KIBSD Strategic Plan Adopted
Tuesday, 24 November 2009

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             Last night, the board of education adopted the Kodiak Island Borough school district's Strategic Plan. Melissa Byers, the Federal Programs and Assessment Administrator, compiled the document. She shared a summary of the 2009-2010 plan at the board's regular meeting. Her presentation began with a question that she said she hears frequently:" What is the importance of a "Strategic Plan"?

--          (Strategic Plan 1               "It opens the ...with the community.")


            In October, a series of community meetings were held to solicit input on how well the community thinks the school district is performing.


--          (Strategic Plan 2                 "We receive ... strategic planning process.")


            Byers shared some of the goals on which the school district will focus, based on the feedback received during the October meetings.


--          (Strategic Plan 3    "The cultural standard ... century learning environment.")


            The district has been trying to find ways to draw-in populations that don't usually take part in school planning. They used surveys, community discussions, newspaper ads, and school newsletters to solicit participation. A draft version of the strategic plan was put on the district's website and a brochure that explains the plan is being created.

            Byers went on to explain how the strategic plan fits in with the district's other improvement programs.


--          (Strategic Plan 4                         "So the plan ... our strategic plan.")


            Following Byer's presentation, the school board adopted the Strategic Plan at last night's meeting. This year's plan can be viewed on the school district's website: Kodiak schools dot o-r-g.