Nov 18 2009
Bearfoot Leaves Imprint on Young Musicians
Tuesday, 17 November 2009

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             The band Bearfoot departed Kodiak on Sunday after a busy weekend of performances. The five musicians may be gone but they've left something of themselves behind: their influence on some local musicians.

             With the assistance of Karen and Ben Millstein, Bearfoot shared their talents in a music workshop on Sunday. Yesterday, Ben Millstein shared his impressions of the event.


--          (Bearfoot Wrksp 1                  "It was great ...hearing it a lot.")

              Around 25 people took advantage of the opportunity to learn from the seasoned performers. Most of the students were young; with skills covering a broad range of abilities. Millstein talked about the significance of the event.

--          (Bearfoot Wrksp 2                  "It's hard in a ... and invaluable.")

            Millstein and his wife direct the "Fiddleheads". Many of Sunday's workshop participants were members of that family-oriented jam group.

--          (Bearfoot Wrksp 3                     "Maybe half of ... lot of tips.")

            The members of Bearfoot frequently give workshops and teach at camps. On Sunday they managed to keep their young students' attention for three and a half hours. The kids stayed focused as they worked on several variations of their new song. All of the players came together at the end to show what they had learned. It was similar to what the Fiddleheads do at their weekly gatherings.

            Millstein said he and his wife formed Fiddleheads as a way to help their kids learn how to value music. He talked about how hard learning an instrument can be and he addressed a question that many parents have: how to get them to practice.

 --          (Bearfoot Wrkshp 4A                "It's hard for ... good clean fun.")

            He said that when the kids value music they're inspired to work at it more than if they're simply told to.

            Millstein thought that many of the kids were inspired to work hard at the workshop after being "wowed" by Bearfoot in concert. Bearfoot continues its Alaskan tour this week with performances in Homer on Thursday and in Anchorage on Friday.