Nov 13 2009
Rocketeers Change Name
Friday, 13 November 2009

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            Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation has now become "Alaska Aerospace Corporation." AADC, as it was previously called, was established by the state legislature in 1991 to stimulate a high technology aerospace industry in the state. The corporation built and operates the Kodiak Launch Complex.

The corporation is state-owned and as such, state legislation was required to change its name.

            Dale Nash is the company's CEO. He explained why it was deemed necessary to drop one word from the name.


--          (rocket 1                                             :40                   "With many people ... economic development.")


            He said that the name change will cost around 4,500 dollars, or possibly, less.


--          (rocket 2                                             :14                               "Basically just changing ... print it out.")


            Nash said the new, stream-lined name could help stream-line future contract negotiations.


--          (rocket 3                                             :44                               "Well, part of the ...of the company.")


            S-B 125 is the bill that authorized the change; which was the bill's sole purpose. Now that the new name is official, Nash talked about what lies ahead for the corporation.


--          (rocket 4                                             :46                               "Well, we certainly ... to build up.")


            The bill to change the name from Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation to Alaska Aerospace Corporation was passed in July and officially went into effect on October 20th.